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8 Channel 16A High Power Relay Board

8 Channel 16A High Power Relay Board


  • 4x 16A high-power relays
  • 4x 2A general purpose/signal quality relays
  • 8x 2A solid state relays
  • USB Relay Board control interface
  • No Configuration Required
  • Plug-n-play
  • Single command set
  • Compact size


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    Product Information

    Product Detail: 8 Channel 16A High Power Relay Board


    The high power relay board contains 8x 16A relays capable of switching high current both AC and DC loads. Our boards are specifically designed to be used in high reliability industrial environments that require them operate for long duration’s without failure. Only the highest quality components are chosen to guarantee they’ll operate with low failure rates. For this reason we chose to use TE power relays for their high reliability and long lifetimes.

    The High Power Relay board goes with the IOBrick product line and can be chained together with any of the other boards using the I2C interface or connect up to 4 of these high power relay boards together in the stack with independent control off all the relays. This board can be controlled with the USB Control Board or the Multi Purpose Relay board which has various types of additional relays.

    See the Additional information tab or product datasheet tab on this page or the to see more board specifications.


    • Home Automation/DIY
    • Industrial Automation
    • Test Fixtures
    • High Power Applications
    • Light and Appliance Control

    Whats included

    • (1) High Power relay board
    • (1) I2C 6-inch board jumper cable

    Only in -001 pluggable configuration:

    • (8) High Current Terminal plugs

    Not included

    • External power adapter: we do not include the power brick because different applications have different needs and might not need the same types of modules. Power can be supplied with an external power supply or 12V wall adapter such as which is available in our store can be used.


    Dimensions 4.1 × 4.400 × 0.65 in
    Number Of Relays 8
    Interface I2C
    Relay Contact Form SPDT (1 Form C)
    Relay Current Rating 16A
    Relay Use Type General Purpose, Test Fixture, PCB Test Automation, High Power
    Relay Voltage Rating 20VDC, 250VAC