Product Detail : Multi Purpose USB Relay Board


Multi purpose relay board contains a USB control interface with a total of 16 channels with 3 different types of relays for different uses.
This USB relay board includes 3 different types of relays to be able to use a single board for many of the most common applications. If the installation ends up utilizing all of a certain type of relay on this board, the IOBrick boards allow you to add additional relay boards such as the High Power Relay Board or the Selector Board with a single I2C cable between each additional board.
The USB Relay board is a great option for an all in one board that has a few different types relays to the most common applications to get all the requirements in one small compact package. It contains a USB interface as well as all the necessary drive electronics to power all the relays on the board and any other control boards you may want to add to it.
Board with pluggable connector option also comes with mating plugs:
– 12 pin Terminal Block Plugs (qty. 2)
– 16 pin Terminal Block Plugs (qty. 1)
– 3 pin 16A Terminal Block Plugs (qty. 4)

Relay types:

  • 4X 2A DPDT Signal Relays
    • Relay Bank 1
  • 4X 16A SPDT High Power Relays
    • Relay Bank 2
  • 8X 2A SPST-NO Solid State Relays
    • Relay Bank 3 & 4
    • SSR’s (solid state relays) capable of switching DC & AC signals up to 2A

NOTE: Board requires additional external power ranging from 6.1V – 17 V. Can be supplied through the DC barrel jack with DC Wall Adapter or through the screw terminal block which supplies it with a standard 12V.


Number Of Relays 16 
Interface I2C, USB
Relay Contact Form DPDT (2 Form C), SPDT (1 Form C), SPST-NO (1 Form A)
Relay Current Rating 16A, 2A
Relay Use Type General Purpose, Test Fixture, PCB Test Automation, Signal
Relay Voltage Rating 220VDC, 250VAC, 40VDC/VAC