Product Detail: 2A Digi-Selector Relay Board 2 Channel 1-to-7 Multiplexer


Multiplexer and Demultiplexer board with 2 separate channels of double pole 1-to-7 selection relays capable of 2 Amps through the selector (See board specification sheet for more detailed current limitations). The 2 separate channels can be used as 2 separate mux/demux’s or combined with the onboard header jumpers to create a single channel double pole 1-to-14 selection mux/demux. When the board header jumpers are combined to use in single channel mode, a setting must be set on the control board to have the two separate channels operate together and only be able to select 1(or none) of the 14 selections. This single channel mode can be set with a single command to the control board; see the control boards’ users manual to command information.

Common uses

  • Replace a physical selector switch to automate control
  • Power switching
  • Signal switching. Relays used on this Digi-Selector board are Signal Quality relays so can be used to switch


Number Of Relays 14
Interface I2C
Relay Contact Form DPDT (2 Form C)
Relay Current Rating 2A
Relay Use Type General Purpose, Test Fixture, PCB Test Automation, Signal
Relay Voltage Rating 20VDC, 250VAC